Soil Water Trap

It is an easy to use, superb water absorber can absorb water up to 600 times its volume soil additive.

Sapling planting, seedling production, application on exiting trees, strawberry production, melon, watermelon, gourd applications, plantation care (grains, hashish, beet, corn, cotton, sunflower, potato, beans, etc.), grassland and landscaping applications, cut floristry, pot floristry, clover and feed plants applications, mushroom production and root dipping method.


• 1 gr of Bianca Soil Water Trap has the capacity to hold 600 times water.
• Increases the soil porosity and reduces soil incrustation.
• Keeps the soil humid at all times.
• It reforms the soil structure and prevents erosion.
• Protects surface and underground waters from pollution.


Application depth is between 6-10 cm.