Our vision

A source of inspiration for dreams, the solution partner of color worlds, to be a leading brand.


Our mission
Considering its employees and dealers as a big family; offering products that add value to the sector in line with the needs of consumers; To be an innovative brand that produces projects for the sustainable world.


Our values

We take care to be sincere, to be clear,  honest to everyone we communicate with.

We can act and account with a great sense of responsibility.

We are innovative with our products, services and business approach.

    Operational Excellence
We have an understanding of continuous improvement in our processes.

    Team work
We have an understanding that encourages shared mind and participation in decision processes.

We are passionate about achieving our goals. We love what we do.

We are responsible for the health and safety of our colleagues and ourselves.

We are attentive to the society and environment we live in. We use our resources efficiently, exhibit behaviors that will set an example for society.

Declaring legal and unethical behaviors to the management is a requirement of our business ethics.

Our quality policy

      • To do our work right the first time and every time.

      • To meet the expectations and needs of the customers by continuously improving the quality management system with the environment, occupational health and safety, knowledge and awareness raising activities of the employees.

      • To inform and direct our customers about our company and products and also from the paint industry.

      • To adopt the concept of continuous development in order to compete.

      • Improving our product portfolio, reducing our costs while increasing our quality.

      • With our products that are produced and offered for sale, always to be sensitive to people, environment and to be protective