Organic Plaster

Acrylic emulsion based, elastic, cement free, fiber-reinforced sheathing plaster that is ready for use, with superior durability against impact and water-proof quality.

Used as sheathing plaster together with plaster mesh in exterior surface heat insulation systems.

• Extremely resistant against impact.
• Very elastic and crack resistant.
• Very high tensile strength.
• Does not affect the capacity of the surface to breathe.
• Water vapor permeable.
• Very resistant against water and humidity.
• Resistant against alkaline medium.
• Achieves good adhesion to heat insulation foam.
• Provides easy application.


Product must be mixed until it becomes homogeneous.It must be applied on the surface with a steel trowel, in a homogeneous manner, in a thickness of 2-3 mm. following the application, the applied layer of product must be smoothed by using the flat side of the trowel. At the seams of the glass-fibermesh an overlap of 10 cm must be achieved and before the plaster dries pressure should be applied with the trowel to smooth out the plaster surface and be close to the façade. As such the mesh can be close to the surface and any tension and cracks that may start on the surface and develop can be prevented. The thickness of the application must not be more than 3 mm in a single layer. Otherwise, the fact that cracks can form and separation from surface can occurmust be considered. During application and drying the ambient temperature must be within a range of +5°C ile +35°C. Application must not be made at places that are exposed to direct sunlight, under rain or exposed to strong winds. Until the product is fully set, it must be protected against frost and rain.