Organic Coating

Acrylic emulsion based, elastic, decorative finishing layer exterior surface coating ready for use, with superior durability against impact and water-proof quality.

Used as decorative coating on exterior surfaces and exterior surface heat insulation systems.


• Extremely resistant against impact.
• Very elastic and crack resistant.
• Very high tensile strength.
• Does not affect the capacity of the surface to breathe.
• Water vapor permeable.
• Very resistant against water and humidity.
• Resistant against alkaline medium.


Product must be mixed until it becomes homogeneous. Materials other than the clean water, whichis required to be added until the application consistency is achieved in cases where the plaster loses water volume due to various reasons, must not be added to the product.Spread the product by means of a steel trowel according to the particle size in a homogeneous thickness. Immediately after application, patterns on the surface must be made by circular motion using a plastic trowel. This process must not be interrupted and the plastic trowel must be cleaned in short intervals. Connecting surfaces must be coated in a single application to avoid formation of seams and the process must not be interrupted until completed.

For purposes of preventing differences in shade, care must be taken to use the product with the same charge number. If products with different charge number are to be used, the entire amount required must be mixed prior to the application.

During the application and drying time the ambient temperature must be within a range of +5°Cand +35°C. Application must not be made at places that are exposed to direct sunlight, under rain or exposed to strong winds. Until the product is fully set, it must be protected against frost and rain.