Heat Resistant Paint

Silicon resin based highly covering topcoat paint containing aluminium pigment.

On all kinds of metal surfaces; It is used safely in high temperature, chimney, stove and exhaust pipes.


• Resistant to the temperature up to 600ºC.
• Has a metallic grey color.
• Sticks tightly to the surface.
• Based on silicone resin.
• Can be applied upon any kind of metallic surface such as chimney, stoves, exhaust pipes where heat resistance is essential.


All surfaces must be sound, clean, dry, free of  adhesion preventing substances and sanded.
Applied by means of a brush or Airless disperser for every layer of 10-15µ. It is necessary to keep an interval of 12 hrs before the application of second layer. It is essential that the drying is over before running the system, and temperature should be increased smoothly.