Heat Insulation Adhesive

It is developed as coating for EPS, XPS or other insulation materials. Cement based elastic, water repulsive plaster with fiber additive.


Both interior and exterior works. Concrete, plaster, bricks, aerated concrete, panel and other kinds of mineral based surfaces; Used for installation of insulation panels of polystyrene and stone wool.

• Economical. Can be easily applied by means of a steel spatula.
• Possesses high vapour conductive property
• Durable. Due to additives of polymer has a very strong attaching property. That is why it provides perfect adhesion between the panel and the wall surface.
• Water repulsive.
• Economical. Can be easily applied by means of a steel spatula.
• Provides time and labour economy.

One bag of Bianca Isı Yalıtım Yapıştırıcısı (Bianca Heat Insulation Adhesive) (25 kg) is dissolved in 6-7 lt of clean water and mixed by means of a mixer until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Before the application the mixture should rest for 10 min and after that mixed once more. The mixture is to be consumed in 2 hrs. Within this period if the brakes ara had the mixture should be mixed once again. No operation should be performed during the whole period of drying.