Fibered Heat Insulation Plaster

It is developed as coating for EPS, XPS or other insulation materials. Cement based elastic, water repulsive plaster with fiber additive.

Both exterior and interior Works.
• Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).
• Extrude Polystyrene (XPS).
• As the coat plaster for mineral wool.

• Durable. Due to additives of polymer has a very strong attaching property. That is why it provides complete adhesion between the panel and the wall surface. Elastic, does not crack.
• Possesses high vapour conductive property.
• Economical. Can be easily applied by means of a steel spatula.
• Provides time and labour economy.

One bag Bianca Fibered Heat Insulation Plaster (25 kg) is dissolved in 6-7 lt of clean water and mixed by means of a mixer until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Before the application the mixture should rest for 10 min. and after that mixed once more. The mixture is to be consume in 2 hrs. Within this period if the brakes are held the mixture should be mixed once again.