Decorative Coating (Thick-Textured)

Flexible and water-repellent powder polymers and chemicals with increased adherence and durability, fiber reinforced, mineral inner and outer surface coating.

Cement Based, Grain Textured Mineral Coating


• Cement based plaster.
• Ordinary Concrete.
• Surfaces where filler has been applied.
• Properly applied rough plaster.
• Concrete plates and panels.
• Can be applied with certainity upon Bianca Heat Insulation System.


• Decorative due to various possible application methods which provide different texture. Amends surface defects.
• Resistive to climatic conditions an temperature shocks, due to chemical additives of high quality. Polymer additives provide its superb adherence characteristic. An elastic and water-proof material.
• Due to decorative appearence covers and hides pores cracks and other defects of plaster. Is applied easily with a steel spatula. Provides time and labour saving.
• Because of fibered structure is highly vapour conductive does not hinder building aeration. Inhibits fungi and bacteria formation.


One bag Bianca Decorative Coating Thick-Textured (25,00 kg) is dissolved in 7-8 lt of clean water and mixed by means of a mixer until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Before the application the mixture should rest for 10 min. and after that mixed once more. The mixture is to be consume in 2 hrs. Within this period if the brakes are held the mixture should be mixed once again. Has to be applied with a steel spatula properly, and excessive material has to be removed from the surface immediately. A decorative design can be drawn within 10 minutes after application.