Decorative Coating (Fine-Textured)

Son kat olarak uygulanmak üzere geliştirilmiş, esnek ve su itici toz polimerler ve çeşitli kimyasallar ile aderansı ve zor koşullara dayanıklılığı artırılmış iç ve dış yüzey kaplamasıdır.

Cement Based, Grain Textured Mineral Coating


• Cement based plaster.
• Ordinary Concrete.
• Surfaces where filler has been applied.
• Properly applied rough plaster.
• Concrete plates and panels.
• Can be applied with certainity upon Bianca Heat Insulation System.


• Decorative due to various possible application methods which provide different texture. Amends surface defects.
• Resistive to climatic conditions an temperature shocks, due to chemical additives of high quality. Polymer additives provide its superb adherence characteristic. An elastic and water-proof material.
• Due to decorative appearence covers and hides pores cracks and other defects of plaster. Is applied easily with a steel spatula. Provides time and labour saving.
• Because of fibered structure is highly vapour conductive does not hinder building aeration. Inhibits fungi and bacteria formation.


One bag Bianca Decorative Coating Fine-Textured (25,00 kg) is dissolved in 7-8 lt of clean water and mixed by means of a mixer until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Before the application the mixture should rest for 10 min. and after that mixed once more. The mixture is to be consume in 2 hrs. Within this period if the brakes are held the mixture should be mixed once again. Has to be applied with a steel spatula properly, and excessive material has to be removed from the surface immediately. A decorative design can be drawn within 10 minutes after application.