Decorative Coating Primer (Silicone Based)

A white coloured silicon emulsion based coating primer with high adherence property.

Is applied before final coating on heat insulation systems, or either exterior and interior surfaces no matter whether is it painted before or not.


• Highly adherent.
• High degree water and moisture-proof.
• Provides a strong bond between the surface and the coating.
• Inhibits the appearance of stains on old surfaces.
• Highly covering white coloured.
• Stiffens the surface and decreases the absorbance.


The surface Bianca Decorative Coating Primer is to be applied on has to be clean and dry. If the had been covered with a solvent based paint it should also be removed. İf the surface used to be painted with an emulsion based paint or is painted for the first time Bianca Decorative Coating Primer can be applied directly by mans of a brush any other method. Mix before the use, The air and surface temperature at the moment of application has to be between +5ºC and+30ºC. Refrain from application if the weather is too windy or too hot. We recomend to wait 1 day before passing to the application of Bianca Decorative Coating.