Bis-Kes (Soot & Stain Covering Paint)

It is an alkyd resin based, internal and external top coat paint that prevents the stains from getting back to the surface by covering the stains, smoke and fire marks perfectly.

It can be easily applied to any painted or unpainted surface (wall / ceiling) on interior and exterior walls.


• It has high adhesion and wearing resistance.
• Dries very fast.
• It is not subject to discoloration in time.
• It is a matte paint.
• Resistant to moisture stains, molds and spills.
• Prevents the surface from coming back up by closing the stains perfectly.


Application surfaces must be dry, oil free, clean, cleaned from loose and swollen paint layers, surface correction treatment must be made if necessary. No paint should be applied on wet surfaces under any circumstance. It must be rubbed slightly and rubbing dusts must be removed from the surface. It must be paid attention that surface and ambient temperature is between +5ºC and +30ºC during application. Application can be made with a brush, roller and paint blaster. It must be thinned with cellulosic thinner by 10%. While applying with a roller and brush 2 layers of paint are applied. It must be waited for 24 hours between the applications.