Artistico – Texturo (Texture)

It is an acrylic emulsion based interior-exterior surface coating material of grainy, opaque structure.

It is used on plaster, concrete, rough rendered and other mineral surfaces as well as to make patterns on deficient and deficiently plastered surfaces.


• The product conforms extremely well to the surfaces it is applied to.
• It has superior adhesive strength.
• Various patterns can be created by means of a roller and based on the amount used.


The application surface must be free of all types of dirt, oil and dust. Remains of old paints must be removed and the surface must be left clean and dry. Newly plastered surfaces must be allowed to stand for 2 to 4 weeks to ensure necessary dryness. For very absorbent surfaces that will be painted the first time, it will be necessary to use a primer. Before starting the application, at least 6 hours must be allowed after the application of the primer. After a roller commensurate with the pattern desired is selected, a single layer of Bianca Artistico Texturo is applied on the surface. During application the minimum and maximum ambient and surface temperatures must be +5°C and +30°C respectively.