Artistico – Creativo (Agleam)

Acrylic copolymer emulsion based, decorative, finishing layer interior surface paint with color and shine that changes according to the light, angle of view and surface color and can be wiped.

All previously painted surfaces that are prepared, interior surfaces of concrete, plaster, black cast, betopan, glass textile and wall paper.


Concentration: 1,05 ± 0,02 g/ml


The application surface must be smooth, solid, dry, clean and of the quality that would accommodate the paint. Bianca Interior Surface paste must be applied on the application surface. After the paste applied surface is sanded, Bianca Vals Water Based Sateen primer must be applied to complete the surface preparation process. Following the primer application, wall paint must be applied in 2 layers on the surface. The most distinct gleaming effect can be achieved when the paint color on the surface is black. After the paint is dry, Bianca Artistico Creativo is applied on the surface by means of a roller or brush and when it is still wet the desired pattern is created by using decorative purpose application tools. The application must be made in a temperature range of +10°C and +30°C.

Due to its weak and chalking quality, sateen plaster should never be used on the surface. On surfaces with new plaster application, care must be taken to wait at least 28 days to apply paint on the surface.

Color Chart