Acusto – Sound Insulation Paint (Anti-Sound Paint)

Acrylic copolymer emulsion based with mat appearance, sound insulation, high performance interior paint.

An ideal paint to be used successfully on the previously painted or new and clear surfaces, interior and exterior walls covered with plaster concrete, brick, ytong, fiberboard, wood and other similar construction material.


• Carefully selected colors and high quality give the surfaces a mat appearance.
• Gives no disturbing odor during the application.
• Dirt-free, easy to clean.
• Burn delay is available due to late burning.


The surfaces subject to Bianca Acusto – Sound Insulation Paint application, must be clean and dry, free from all kinds of dirt, oil and dust, as well as old paint remainders. The surface must be smoothed with scrapper. The cracks must be repaired with acrylic based putty. The temperature of the surface and the surroundings must be min +5ºC, Max +30ºC. Bianca Acusto – Sound Insulation Paint should be thoroughly mixed before use. Apply at least 2 coats with roller or brush. After the surface preparation is completed, Bianca Insulation Primer  is applied, after 6 hours Bianca Acusto – Sound Insulation Paint  is applied.