Soil Hardener (Soil Hardtop) TYS-20

It is a low viscosity colorless liquid surface hardener used to protect the soil and aggregate against hardening, stabilization, dusting and abrasion of the surface

It is used in areas such as construction site areas and roads, on non-plated soil roads, highway bankets, forest and agricultural access roads, border patrol roads, walkways, power plants.


• As the water dissipates from the soil or aggregate, a durable.
• Water resistant matrix of flexible solid-mass is created.
• Gives no disturbing odor during the application.
• Once cured, it becomes completely transparent.
• Leaving the natural landscape to appear untouched


Bianca Soil Hardener is a consentrated ready to use solution. Application area should be completely dry and free from water. The area must be free from rain for a minimum of 72 hours after the application. Temperature must be at least 4°C. Compact the test plot to a minimum of 95%. pre-wet the test plot with water (only) at a rate of 2,5 l/m² to break the surface tension and increase penetration depth. Bianca Soil Hardener solution should be sprayed to surface slowly and uniformly.