Sodium Silicate Based Surface Hardener SSY-20

It is a material which gives permanent hardness as a result of its interaction with cement as it penetrates the cement surface.

It is used in areas such as inner and outer cement based, surfaces that can be exposed to mechanical abrasion, factory, storage areas, loading and unloading areas, aircraft hangars, helipad.


• Forms a protective surface layer that is breathable, dense and abrasion resistant.
• Penetrates deep inside the concrete capillaries chemically reacting with the free lime forming a permanent insoluble bond with the concrete.
• Gives no disturbing odor during the application.
• Will not scratch or peel.
• Is a colorless.
• It gives permanent hardness to the applied surface.


Bianca Sodium Silicate Based Surface Hardener  application by spray, roller or brush to new or old concrete. The applied surface should be wet for 30 minutes. Apply again in case of quick dry. At the end of 30 minutes when it turns into gel (30 minutes approx.) apply the surface with floor cleaning machine or soft fur brush. Should be applied twice. After the second time there has to be no slippery surface. The surface should be as an exposed concrete.