Bia-Prime Gloss

Special Primer For Glossy And Non-Absorbent Surfaces

Bia-Prime Gloss is a primer for single-use ready-to-use, glossy and non-absorbent surfaces with a combination of special acrylic polymer and epoxy resin.


• Indoors and outdoors
• On the wall and on the ground
• Ceramic, paving stones, terrazo, enamelled engineering bricks, natural and cast stones that have the impermeable nonabsorbent surfaces.
• Ceramic adhesives, ground self leveling, as a primer before applications,
• It is used as a primer before the repair mortars applications.


• Ready to use.
• Easy to prepare and apply.
• It does not contain solvent, it does not harm the environment and the applicator,
• Excellent adhesion to the floor and the next coat,
• It is colored in yellow for control purposes and is noticed on the applied surface.


The material is poured directly onto the surface and spread with a soft bristle brush crosswise to the floor to ensure that there is no untreated area. Other applications are made on the floor of the material after full drying.