Bia-Fix Universal Acrylic Adhesive

Polymer Dispersion Based, High Performance, Ready To Use For Absorbent Surfaces, Tile, Ceramic And Glass Mosaic Adhesive

Polimer dispersiyon esaslı, yüksek performanslı, emici yüzeyler için kullanıma hazır, fayans, seramik ve cam mozaik yapıştırıcısı.

• Indoors, in horizontal and vertical applications,
• Glues materials such as tiles, ceramics, glass mosaics to gypsum board, cardboard, wood, gypsum plastered surfaces.
• In wet areas such as bathrooms,
• Gluing ceramics on ceramic,
• Gluing heat insulation panels. (Indoors)


• Ready to use, not mixed with water.
• The study period is long.
• It is applied very comfortably, it is odorless.
• Flexible is not affected by vibrations.
• It conforms to floor stresses caused by temperature differences and is not affected.
• Not affected by humidity.


Bia-Fix Universal Acrylic Adhesive layer is applied to the application surface on the flat side of trowel with a thickness of 1 mm. To the large area that can be covered within 20 minutes of the open waiting time, Bia-Fix Universal Acrylic Adhesive is drawn in one direction to obtain uniform thickness with trowel gear side. Bia-Fix Universal Acrylic Adhesive is recommended to be applied behind each ceramic or tile to a thickness of 1 mm in order to close the irregularities in the application surface in bonding different ceramic or tiles with different thicknesses. When applying ceramics or tiles to the floor, the coating materials are floated in the paste to ensure complete contact with the adhesive paste. Application is completed by leaving the recommended grout gap according to suitable ceramic and tile sizes. Bia-Fix Universal Acrylic Adhesive grout fillers should be used to fill the remaining grout spaces. Grout application can be completed in about 3-4 days.