Bia-Fix SYG-25

Cement Based Tiles & Ceramic Adhesive with Reduced Slip Properties.

• Indoors and outdoors
• In horizontal and vertical applications,
• On the concrete, liquid, cement finish surfaces,
• It is used in maximum 33 × 33 cm sized coating materials.
• In the adhering of the small – fair-sized ground and wall ceramic that the water absorption is over 3%.


To obtain a better adhesion surface; prepared mixture of Bia-Fix SYG-25 is spread with equal thickness to the surface with the flat part of the malt and then must be carded with a selected trowel suitable for the size of the tile or marble. It should be adhesives on the chiseling mortar within 30 minutes with the aid of rubber hammer to ensure good adhesion.

Ensure that the adhesive mortar touches the entire backside of the ceramic and marbles.