Bia-Fix Süperfleks – White

High Performance, Flexible, Ceramic, Porcelain and Granite Bonding Filler

Cement based, polymer additive, flexible, ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, natural stone, pressed brick and glass mosaic bonding mortar with white color, slip feature, long working time, easy to prepare and applied.


• Indoors and outdoors
• In horizontal and vertical applications
• Ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, natural stone, pressed bricks and glass mosaics; on cement based surfaces exposed to temperature differences and on gypsum panel sheets and gypsum plaster surfaces (after primer application)
• Swimming pool, water storage, bathhouse, bath, etc. In wet areas, on heated floors, in heated pools, in swimming pools where water is not drained in winter,
• In the walls and upholstery of cold weather stores,
• It is used for ceramic and granite bonding works on exterior facades of buildings, for repairing and repairing, for bonding ceramic on ceramic.


• Mix with water only,
• Easy to prepare and apply.
• The processing time is long,
• Does not slip in vertical applications,
• It is resistant to the freeze-thaw cycle.
• Resistant to stresses and vibrations caused by temperature differences,
• Provides excellent adhesion.


To obtain a better adhesion surface; prepared mixture of Bia-Fix Super Flex Adhesive (White) is spread with equal thickness to the surface with the flat part of the malt and then must be carded with a selected trowel suitable for the size of the tile or marble. Ensure that the adhesive mortar touches the entire backside of the ceramic and marbles. Depending on the ceramics-marble used and floor smoothness, if necessary, double-side bonding method is preferred; as well as to the surface must be driven with mortar and ceramic and marbles should be detected so that the carding direction is perpendicular to each other. This is especially necessary in outdoor environments and in climates where hot and cold temperature changes are severe. This process will ensure that the entire adhesion area of ​​the material to be bonded is covered with mortar. It should be adhesives on the chiseling mortar within 30 minutes with the aid of rubber hammer to ensure good adhesion.