Bia-Derz Fuga-Flex

Cement Based, High Performance Grouting Material for Tiles and Ceramics

Bia-Derz Fuga Flex is a cement based flexible grout filler material used in grouts of cement based materials such as faience, ceramics, granite and marble and is not affected by temperature differences, water and vibrations.


• Indoors and outdoors
• In hotels, hospitals, shopping centers,
• In all wet volumes,
• In residences,
• In swimming pool and water tanks,
• It is used in all kinds of decorative applications.


• It is easy to apply and prepare,
• It does not draw the glazed surfaces,
• It is suitable for 2-8 mm grout widths,
• It provides excellent adhesion to the ceramic edges without cracking,
• It has a long processing time,
• It is obtained a smooth surface,
• Because of its low water absorption, it is hardly polluted and easy to clean,
• It is resistant to freeze-thaw cycle,
• It is resistant to the durables, vibrations and detergents,
• It does not fade or change color.


The mixed material is placed by diagonal movements to the grouts with rubber trowel. In the deep grouts, it must be waited firstly the collapse of material and then this process should be repeated.
In extreme hot weather and on absorbent surfaces, the grout material may suddenly lose its water and cause superficial cracks. For this reason, grouts should be lightly moistened with a wet sponge before application.  When the materials which are left to dry comes to the hardness of resistance to finger pressure, the surfaces are put in their final form with a wet sponge and the material remaining on the ceramic surface is cleaned. After the material has dried (at the latest the next day), the ceramics are polished with a dry, clean cerusa.