Bia-Create ITH-05

Cement Based Thin Repair Filler 


Bia-Crete ITH-05, Cement based thin repair mortar reinforced with polymer additives and various chemicals, formulated for use in repair and plastering of thin repair mortar, gross concrete and prefabricated concrete, for use up to 5 mm.


• Repair and plaster of gross concrete surfaces,
• Repairing broken and impacted prefabricated concrete elements,
• When repairing corners and edges,
• On gas concrete, brick and briquette,
• Before laying tiles and ceramics, they are used to obtain a smooth bottom surface.


• In applications up to 5 mm,
• It is suitable to use inner and outer facades,
• The polymer is admixtures,
• Resistant to water and frost,
• Quick setting,
• Dry without cracks.


Bia-Crete ITH-05 is spread on the surface with the help of a trowel. Then, with a trowel, the desired thickness is corrected. After the first socket of Mortar, buff correction with the trowel is completed.