Bia-Create HS-1040

High Strength Structural Repair Filler


Bia-Crete HS-1040, Cement based, one component, polymer and fibre reinforced, thixotropic, high strength repair mortar.


• Repair and maintenance of surface defects of high-strength concrete elements
• In making bevels at compound locations,
• In upholstery concrete repairs,
• During repairs of sea structures,
• Coating of concrete for protection against sulfate and chlorine effects,
• Used to repair tie-rod holes and core gaps.


• Only mixed with water, easy to apply,
• Provides high adherence to concrete and reinforcement,
• It has high pressure resistance,
• High thixotropic properties,
• Waterproof,
• No primer required,
• Does not shrink,
• Takes fast strength,
• It is resistant to chlorine, sulphate and oils.


The prepared mixture is applied by trowel or spraying so that it does not exceed 4 cm on one floor. More thickness should be applied in floors where required. When the flat finish is desired, the material is expected to draw water and the surface is finished with wood or steel trowel by sprinkling water on the surface. In applications exposed to outdoor weather conditions, extremely hot and windy environments should be protected against rapid drying with surface wet sack or curing material for 48 hours.