Bi-Mix Powder

Water Repellent, Powder, Mortar Additive Material

It is used in all kinds of plaster, screed and concrete works where water impermeability is desired.

Bi-Mix Powder is used safely in plaster and screed works of all kinds of minerals which are exposed to water and humidity. It is used for the ceramic floor screed works such as bathrooms, kitchens and balconies, surfaces that come into contact with water continuously. It is used as a waterproof mortar additive in the rainwater or washing water against the dampness, in the exterior facades, in water reservoirs, swimming pools, galleries, basement and curtain concretes.


Thanks to the hydrophobic (water repellent) chemistry which is in the form of reacting with the cement in the mortar, the plaster, alum and the containers in the concrete prevent the formation of cracks and voids and provide water impermeability. For this reason, it forms surfaces with high water holding ability by eliminating the wetting property of water particles.  You will use it in plastering works, lime does not have any negative effect on Bi-Mix Powder. Plaster and concrete increase the quality and strength by reducing air formation in fresh mortar. Normal portland cement does not change the set times.


Should be added to the mortar mixture water after adding a package Bi-Mix Powder (330 gr) to each bag cement (50 kg) by dry mix of plaster or concrete due to its water-repellent chemistry. Immediately after the Bi-Mix Powdered plaster, screed and concrete are carefully prepared in this way it can be applied by all known methods in accordance with general construction rules.