Bi-Mix Latex-5

Water and Chemical Matter Resistant Liquid Emulsion

It is a ready-to-use liquid emulsion which provides waterproofing and chemical resistance.

Cement-based repair for surface repair and leveling on any kind of surfaces requiring waterproofing, for increasing adherence between old and new plaster-concrete, prevention of cracks in screeds, surface repairs, durable and dust free floor works, increasing the adhesive strength of plates such as tiles, tiles and tiles Used in mortars.


The surface to be applied must be free from oil, dust, and loose material, if necessary, brushed with a wire brush, remove dust and abundantly wetted.

  • Adherence Bridge Creation; Add 1/1 Latex to the water and add cement to the gel-like mixture. The resulting cement slurry should be applied with a brush or poured onto the surface, and plaster or screed should be thrown onto the floor after drying.
  • In repairs to be done with repair mortars in hot and windy weather conditions; the cement in the mixture is spun at a rate of 10% of the weight of the powder to prevent sudden water loss and to relieve cracks in the shrinkage.
  • To increase the strength of tile and ceramic adhesives,

Bi-Mix Latex should be applied to the floor. To form the adherence, the floor must be diluted to 1/1 or 1/2 of the Latex / Water ratio depending on the surface and applied as a primer.